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Taught Masters & Undergraduate Research - 

Human Data Collection

There are a number of Schools in UCD that have opted to provide a Taught Masters or Undergraduate Research Ethics Committee (RECs) that can review submissions at a local level for their taught masters students or undergraduates engaged in human data collection.

Taught Masters & Undergraduate students should note that human data collection for research purposes includes interviews, focus groups, surveys/questionnaires and observation studies - no matter what your discipline.  If you are seeking a face-to-face interview or recruiting a number of participants to be involved with your study then you require an ethics review and approval. 

Each school has its own process for submisisons and students should contact their school (if listed below) for further information.  

  • School of Agriculture & Food Science (TMREC-AgFs)
  • School of Computer Sciences (TMREC-SCi)
  • School of Economics (TMREC-Econ) econresearch@ucd.ie
  • School of Education (TMREC-SE) ethics@ucd.ie
  • School of Geography (TMREC-SGEOG)
  • School of History & Archives (TMREC-HIST)
  • School of Information & Communications Studies (TMREC-ICS)
  • School of Languges,Cultures & Linguistics (TMREC-LANG) - includes the Centre of English & Global Languages ethics-slcl@ucd.ie
  • School of Law (TMREC-Law)
  • School of Medicine (TM/UREC-SMed) - for both the Taught Masters & Undergraduates medicinerec@ucd.ie
  • School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems (TMREC - SNMHS)
  • School of Politics & International Relations (TMREC-SPIR)
  • School of Psychology (UREC-SPsy)
  • School of Psychology (TMREC-SPsy)tmrecpsychology@ucd.ie
  • School of Public Health, Pyhsiotherapy & Sports Science (TMREC-SPHPSS)
  • School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Sports Science (UREC-SPHPSS)
  • School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice (TMREC-SPSWSJ)
  • School of Sociology (TMREC-SSoc)

These committees report directly to the relevant Human Research Ethics Committee - either humanities or sciences and are only applicaple for human research studies.

Schools/Staff interested in establishing a local REC for their taught masters programmes or undergraduates should request an Information Pack by contacting research.ethics@ucd.ie

Contact UCD Office of Research Ethics

UCD Research, Tierney Building, Belfield, Dublin 4.
E: research.ethics@ucd.ie