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UCD RSA General Meeting 2019/2020.

We have an online general meeting on the 19th of November, 5 P.M. Please follow the information provided in the email or connect to us to get the link to a virtual meeting.


Emergency Measures are needed to tackle the Labour Market Crisis of Researchers: Keep Talent in Research and Higher Education

In cooperation with the Irish Research Staff Association and IFUT, we have sent an open letter to the Government of Ireland, the Irish University Association, and the three main funding agencies (SFI, IRC, and HRB). We expressed our concerns about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on research staff and we called for the implementation of the following measures:

1. Emergency funding should be made available by the Government to provide for costed extensions wherever possible, thereby ensuring continuity of research.

2. Funding Agencies should have more uniformity in their policies, converging toward higher standards, taking into account international best practices.

3. At a minimum, greater detail and clarity should be provided about the criteria that extension decisions are made on.

You can download the letter from here.

SIPTU sent a letter of support for the Irish RSA on the matter.

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