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Science for Schools

Science for Schools is a research experience for secondary school teachers. For four weeks this summer, teachers Olivia Derwin and Clare Lamont joined UCD’s Laboratory of Molecular Evolution and Mammalian Phylogenetics.

During the Science for Schools programme, the teachers used the bat research at Professor Emma Teeling's lab to explore key biological concepts in Comparative Genomics, Evolution, Ecology and Ecosystems and Speciation. They received multidisciplinary training in cutting-edge research techniques: they became familiar with laboratory skills, learned how to use basic bioinformatics tools and also participated in field trips.

During the programme the teachers developed a free transition year programme based on what they learned, which is now available for download to all schools.

The teachers also blogged about their experience in Teeling’s lab throughout the project, highlighting what really goes on in science labs at UCD.

Batlab Science Video Competition 2015 - Winners Announced!

Our congratulations to the winners of the Science Video Competition! We received a number of fantastic entries from all around the country. All teams of secondary school students participating in our competition showed outstanding talent for communicating science. We are looking forward to seeing them again at UCD in few years!

The awards ceremony was held on 21st May 2015. See the prizewinning entries here!

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