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Meet the Teachers

Olivia Derwin

Olivia graduated from the University of Ulster in 1997 with a BSc (Hon) Applied Biochemical Sciences, one year of which was an industrial placement which was spent in medical devices. Placement resulted in Olivia being awarded a diploma in industrial studies with commendation. Upon graduation Olivia returned to the medical devices industry, working in QA in Ireland and then commencement of a career in surgical sales in the UK. After spending a number of years in surgical sales Olivia completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Education graduating from UCD in 2007 with a first class honours qualification.

"My first exposure to genetic research was my thesis in final year, since then science and in particular genetics has progressed and surpassed every expectation. Genetics is the future, it's the main growth area of science, it's where the ground breaking revelations are announced on an almost monthly basis. Teachers need to know why evolutionary genetics is important, how has research progressed and most importantly how it is applied, what's to gain from all this research? The unique opportunity of working with Professor Teeling and her team will not only invigorate my teaching but will answer all these questions. I hope to assist in the development of a TY programme that will help teachers gain an insight into current Irish research, enhance their own knowledge of genetics and evolutionary genetics, gain an understanding of the lab skills involved and the IT side of research. Very often we are oblivious to the fact that science is all around us, we can learn so much from a tiny creature such as the bat yet many people in Ireland know very little about them. I believe that linking genetics, lab work and bioinformatics with a living protected creature found all over our Island will provide an enticement to learning for everyone. I am positive that I will learn a huge amount, my task is to help produce inspiring yet practical materials to impassion others."

Clare Lamont

Clare graduated from college with a degree in Applied Science/Biomedical Science and spent 12 years working as a Medical Scientist in Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland focussing on Blood Transfusion and Pathology. During this time, all of her roles included the supervision and training of student and technical staff which encouraged her to pursue a career in teaching. Upon returning to Ireland, Clare completed her PGDE in N.U.I. Maynooth, graduating with 1st Class Honours. Since graduation, Clare has been teaching Biology, Science and Mathematics at Lucan Community College. As a teacher, Clare aims to inspire and encourage students to love learning. Her hope is to foster critical thinking skills, analytical skills, inquisitiveness and reasoning and that these transferable skills will aid in the personal development of each student. Clare was drawn to the ‘Science for Schools’ in the Bat Lab programme as it encompasses so many aspects of Biology allowing students to become familiar with key topics such as Ecology and Genetics whilst introducing them in a new and varied way.


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