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Genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology are exciting and progressive areas of science, underpinning biology. Groundbreaking advancements have been made in recent years, the human genome project being one, DNA sequencing has unlocked a new vault in biology. This booklet is designed to bridge the gap between the biology curriculum and what is currently going on in molecular and evolutionary biology, within Professor Emma Teelings’ Bat Lab in UCD. This booklet is aimed at mixed ability Transition Year biology students and assumes only Junior Certificate science prior knowledge. It should give students an insight into why we study molecular biology and how this science is used on a daily basis in biological research. This booklet is designed to act as a project workbook which students can complete throughout the year and present as part of their T.Y. portfolio of work. It contains sufficient theory upon which end of term examinations can be based and is designed so that students can use it for independent learning. There are a number of class and individual projects in the booklet plus links to useful websites and videos. The Teacher's Pack document below contains crossword answers, plus informaion on Student Tasks.

Boost Biology With Bats! Transition Year Syllabus: Explore key concepts in Genetics, Evolutionary Biology and Ecology using bats
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The full document is 88 pages long, and is therefore quite a large file, so may take some time to download. Below there is a compressed version (11MB), and a high quality print verion that has been split into 4 sections which can be downloaded individually. Click on the image of the version you'd like to download. All verions are Adobe Acrobat files.

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Full Document (Compressed) Section 1
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Section 2
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Section 3
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Section 4
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Teacher's Pack
Companion document of Boost Biology With Bats for teachers.
Contains Crossword hints and answers, plus Student Task information and materials.
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You can check out and download other transition year resources from the UCD Palaeobotany and Palaeobiology Research Group 'Science for Schools' project of summer 2013 here.


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