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Project Team and Governance

Strategy Working Group

The Strategy Working Group (SWG) supports the President and University Management Team (UMT) in developing the strategy. It provides expert input across key areas and prepares content for consideration by UMT. The group is co-chaired by Triona McCormack and Tony Carey.

The Strategic Working Group oversees all project workstreams; Insight and Analysis, Community and Stakeholder Engagement, and Development of Strategic Options. Underpinning all of this, is the Project Management, Governance and Communications workstream.

Throughout the development of the strategy, there will be regular reports and updates provided to the UMT, GA, Academic Council and the Extended Leadership Group. Regular updates will also be provided to all members of the community.

Profile photo of Triona McCormack

Triona McCormack

Vice-President for Strategy and External Engagement

Triona works closely with the President and with the University’s academic and administrative leadership to shape the future direction of UCD, build its reputation, and foster and strengthen its engagement with national and international partners and stakeholders.

Profile photo of Tony Carey

Tony Carey

Director of Strategic Planning

Tony is responsible for the development and coordination of the programme of strategic change necessary to deliver on the UCD Strategic Plan. He also co-chairs the Strategy Working Group alongside Triona McCormack.

Profile photo of Professor Barbara Dooley

Professor Barbara Dooley

Dean of Graduate Studies

Professor Dooley is a Professor of Psychology, an active researcher and supervisor. As leader of the implementation of the UCD Education and Student Success Strategy, her current priorities also include developing a framework for academic advice for students, faculty development, and leveraging the VLE to enhance student learning and engagement.

Profile photo of Chantelle Guilfoyle

Chantelle Guilfoyle

Director of HR Partnering, People Development & Building Organisation Capability

Chantelle is responsible for building a culture around strong performance and development. She has been in UCD since 2008 and has worked in a number of roles including Director of HR Partners.

Profile photo of Peter Scott

Peter Scott

Senior Manager for Research Strategy

Peter works with leaders across the university to advance the implementation of the 'Shaping the Future' strategy and to achieve UCD's strategic objectives in research and innovation.

Profile photo of Maura McGinn

Maura McGinn

Director of Institutional Research & Analytics

In her role, Maura is responsible for compiling, analysing and interpreting data for use in planning and policy decisions.

Profile photo of Sarah O'Flaherty

Sarah O'Flaherty

Director of Financial Planning & Management Accounting

Sarah joined UCD in 2009 and FCCA Qualified Accountant. Sarah has worked in numerous roles within UCD Finance including Financial Reporting, Finance Manager for Academic Affairs, Senior Finance Manager for College of Social Science & Law and VP Research.

Profile photo of Michael Talbot

Michael Talbot

Director of Global Engagement Strategy

Michael leads on the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of UCD’s Global Engagement Strategy.

Strategy Working Group - Project Team

The SWG Project Team conduct the day-to-day development of the strategy development plan as well as the management of the data gathering, analysis, insight, consultation, and other processes required.

Profile photo of Lisa Flannery

Lisa Flannery

Head of Marketing, UCD University Relations Office

Lisa is managing the exploration of UCD brand perceptions during the strategy planning process and the articulation of UCD brand messaging in line with the forthcoming strategic plan.

Profile photo of Mary Staunton

Mary Staunton

Communications Manager

Mary Staunton is Communications Manager in the Office of the VP for Strategy and External Engagement. She has been tasked with the communication around the Strategy Planning Process. This includes compiling and managing a comprehensive stakeholder engagement plan.

Profile photo of Sinéad Kelly

Sinéad Kelly

Communications Office

Sinéad is the administration manager in the office of the Vice-President for Strategy & External Communications. She is responsible for the coordination and execution of the internal and external stakeholder engagements as well as supporting the Vice-President.

Profile photo of Gavin Nolan

Gavin Nolan

Organisational Change Management

Gavin is working with the project team to design and implement a engagement plan to ensure all community members are kept informed throughout each step of the strategy development process.

Profile photo of Nadia D'Alton

Nadia D'Alton

Director of Strategic Programmes

Nadia has led and implemented the strategic themes of UCD’s current strategy. Nadia will be working across both the Insight and Analysis and Community and Stakeholder Engagement workstreams of the project.

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