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Tell me about your HPV Vaccinations Service

For information about the HPV vaccine from the HSE, please visit the (opens in a new window)HSE website

The HPV vaccine schedule has been updated after recommendations from the Department of Health. Please see below for the updated schedule. 

  1. A single dose of HPV for unvaccinated females and males aged 9-24 years of age.
  2. Those aged 25 years and older require a two-dose schedule at 0- and 6-12-month intervals.
  3. Those with immunocompromise still require a three-dose schedule of 0, 2 and 6 months regardless of age. 
If you are aged over 25 and have already had dose 1 and dose 2 of the previous HPV vaccine schedule (Day 0/ 2months/ 6 months) you will need to return for a 3rd dose 6 months after your first vaccine date to make sure you get full immunity.

To book an appointment, you will need

  • a mobile phone number
  • an address or Eircode

If you are unable to fulfill the vaccination criteria for the free HPV vaccine from the HSE . UCD Student Health Service can provide a HPV vaccine service using Gardisil 9 HPV vaccine. 

Please contact UCD Student Health Service if you have questions about your vaccine schedule.

Contact reception on 01 716 3134 to book a €30 consultation with a doctor to discuss getting a HPV vaccine course.

The doctor will ask you the following questions, so please try to have the answers ready.

  1. Past Medical History: Do you have a serious or ongoing medical condition?
  2. Medications: Are you taking any medications at this time?
  3. Allergies: Do you have an allergy to any drugs, medications or tablets? Do you have an allergy to any other substance? For example - eggs.
  4. Adverse reaction to vaccines: Have you ever reacted badly and become unwell after a vaccination in the past?
  5. Pregnancy risk: Are you sexually active ? If so, are you using contraception ? Which one ?
  6. Menstrual period: What date did your last menstrual period start?

The doctor will issue  a prescription for GARDASIL 9 HPV VACCINE for you if suitable.
This will be emailed to the Procare Pharmacy, UCD, Student Centre.

The doctor will schedule your first vaccine appointment with the nurse for you.

Common Questions

  • Can I come in if I have my period? Answer: Yes.
  • Can I shower after my vaccination? Answer: Yes.
  • Can I eat after my vaccination? Answer: Yes.
  • Can I use the gym after my vaccination? Answer: Yes.
  • Can I drink alcohol after my vaccination? Answer : Yes

Contact reception on 01 716 3134 to book a €30.00 consultation with a doctor to discuss getting a HPV vaccine course.

Charges for full HPV Vaccination Programme with UCD Student Health Services

HPV - Gardisil Cost €
1st Visit (Doctor Consult) €30.00
2nd Visit (Nurse Consult) €15.00
3rd Visit (Nurse Consult) €15.00
4th Visit (Nurse Consult) €15.00
Vaccine cost Approximately €160.00 per vaccine (subject to pharmacy prices)

Contact UCD Student Health Service

Student Health Service, Student Centre, University College Dublin, Dublin 4
T: +353 1 716 3134 | Location Map(opens in a new window)