• To book an appointment with the nurse please phone 01 716 3134. 
  • Appointments with the nurse must be booked in advance. Please do not attend your appointment if you have any symtoms of Covid 19 even if you have done a negative antigen test. 
  • Further charges apply for specialised appointments & tests.
  • Students can attend the nurse at Student health for the following services:

Blood Tests

  • Students who require a blood test can book this appointment with the nurse.
  • Blood tests can be done at Student Health in the morning time only. 
  • Please note: you cannot attend the nurse for blood tests without a referral from the doctor at Student Health.
  • We can assist you in having blood tests done when ordered by doctors and consultants outside of UCD student health. An initial telephone consultation will be necessary with one of our doctors The blood test result will then be reviewed by one of our doctors before being forwarded to you  You are responsible for forwarding the result to your external doctor.


STI Tests

  • Nurse-led clinics are for those who require routine STI screening and have no symptoms.
  • Doctor-led clinics are for those who have symptoms and may need a prescription
  • Find out more about STI testing at Student Health. 



  • Students who require a dressing can book a general consultation with the nurse.

Ear Syringe

  • Students seeking an ear syringe appointment should first book a consultation with the doctor. 
  • With referral from the doctor, students who require an ear syringe appointment can do so with the nurse. 
  • In order for this appointment to take place the student must be using ear drops to soften the wax for at least 5 days prior to the appointment. Ear drops can be purchased at a pharmacy. Please ask a pharmacist for advice. 

Nurse on Call

  • Medical students who require blood tests for nurse on call can book a morning appointment with the nurse.

Stitches Removal

  • A student can book an appointment with the nurse if they need stitches removed.
  • Please note: we cannot facilitate the removal of metal stitches. 


  • Students who require elective forms to be signed should book an initial consultation with the nurse.
  • Some electives require more than one appointment and therefore students need to book well in advance in order to allow enough time for the elective to be carried out.
  • Some electives may also require a follow up consultation with the doctor.
  • Please note: the charges for elective appointments vary depending on what is required.