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Non-Symtomatic STI Screening

No, I don't have any symptoms - you will need a non-symptomatic STI nurse appointment eg. with change of partner or looking for routine check up.

Cost €40.

What happens during this appointment - Non - Symptomatic STI

The examination - what to expect

For women, Self administered vaginal swab

For men, You may be asked for a first void specimen of urine, which is the first 15ml of urine that you pass. Do not urinate for at least one hour before sample collection. First catch urine.

For both: A single blood test is taken.

Self administered, throat, rectal swabs may be carried out in both women and men if indicated.

What tests are carried out?

  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea
  • Bloods for HIV/syphilis /Hep B and Hep C
  • Herpes simplex
  • Trichomonas vaginalis (females only)
  • Candida and Bacterial vaginosis if indicated (females only)


  • Your results will be ready in ten days.
  • We will obtain your permission to text you your results if they are normal and to contact you by phone or by text message if there are any infections we need to inform you about.
  • It is also possible to come back and discuss your results in person if you prefer this.
  • Due to confidentiality, we do not email results of medical tests.


  • If your tests reveal an infection we will arrange the appropriate treatment.
  • If your results show one of the infections that require specialist referral we will help to arrange that appointment for you.

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