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UCD. The University is to be referred to as ‘UCD’ on all occasions except when the full legal usage of the name ‘University College Dublin’ is required.

The word ‘Dublin’ is incorporated within the crest in order to reinforce the status of the University and its sense of place. The use of the word Dublin also overcomes confusion with other universities internationally.

Very few organisations have permission to use the harp, which is the official symbol of Ireland. The harp on the green background in the crest represents UCD’s historical and continuing role in shaping Ireland’s economic and cultural success.

During the design process we considered omitting the flames, however they have important significance as a Dublin symbol. Various versions of the flames were tested as part of the design process, and this version was the preferred variant.

The University undertook market research among students, staff, graduates and the general community on their perceptions of the university and its identity. The research showed that the idea of a crest for UCD was liked but that there was low association between the crest and the name of the University. The research also showed that people had a strong affection and affiliation with the name ‘UCD’ and that there would be a value in incorporating the name into the crest. The revised crest focuses on strong and powerful images that match the perceptions of the University. The redrawn crest reflects a forward-looking confidence while including iconic images representing the University’s heritage and influence.

UCD is located within one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Dublin. Many of the top international universities associate themselves with major cities. Market research clearly demonstrated that UCD’s location in Dublin is of enormous benefit to the University, and that this will play a key role in the University’s future in becoming one of Europe’s leading universities.

These mottos appear on the original heraldic crest, bestowed on the university in 1911. This is used for ceremonial purposes and on prestigious and formal occasions.

The crest is to be used on all stationery and publications. As the crest incorporates the university’s naming ‘UCD’, it may be used on its own without the words ‘University College Dublin’. The full university name ‘University College Dublin’ should be used as explained in the Brand Identity Guidelines.

The Official Languages Act requires equal prominence of both English and Irish nomenclatures. See the Brand Guidelines for further information.

Such staff members should list their primary association first. For assistance, please contact UCD Communications at 01-716 1584.

The legal official title of the University ‘University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Dublin’ need only be used in legal documents. In all other cases (e.g. letter heads, business cards) it is appropriate to use ‘University College Dublin’ and the translation ‘An Coláiste Ollscoile, Baile Átha Cliath’.

No. All Schools, Colleges and individual academic and administrative units must only use the UCD crest in combination with their official name. The guidelines for usage of the crest and naming are clearly outlined in the UCD Brand Guidelines.

All academic and administrative units within UCD must adopt the UCD crest. The UCD crest will appear on the top-left of all stationery and marketing material. All units must use the prefix ‘UCD’ before the name of their unit, which should be written in a blue Bliss typeface as laid out in the UCD Brand Guidelines.

All such centres will use the UCD crest as well as their funding agency branding. See the UCD Brand Guidelines. Please contact UCD Communications for assistance.


All centres should prefix their names with the letters ‘UCD’. If centres are wholly within a School, then their address should be the name of the School. If centres are multi-disciplinary and spread across several Schools, their address should include the name of the College. Centres should not have their own headed paper. They should use the headed paper of their School and College. Reference to the centre should be limited to the signature line of letters.

*Any exceptions to this rule must be agreed UCD Communications at telephone: 01-716 1584.

Examples of Signature Lines:

Professor Mary Smith BSc PhD
UCD Centre for Veterinary Epidemiology and Risk Analysis

All units, academic and non-academic, including Colleges, Schools and centres, must prefix their names with the letters UCD.


UCD School of Physics
UCD College of Human Sciences
UCD Women’s Research & Resource Centre
UCD Archives
UCD Sport
UCD Personnel

All web addresses must adhere to the UCD convention: xxx@ucd.ie. All School/College/centre names must be a maximum of 15 characters (e.g. communications@ucd.ie)

The top of the letterhead should refer only to the Office of the President, Office of the Registrar, Office of the Vice-President for XXX. Other information should be held on the signature line.


Mr John Smith
Admissions Officer