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Welcome to UCD Workvivo

Learn more about UCD's new engagement and communications platform.

Welcome to UCD Workvivo

UCD Workvivo is a new, dedicated, internal communications platform for employees of the University. It is a social media-style platform  which aims to help you connect, engage and communicate with colleagues online. 

Unlike email communications, UCD Workvivo allows for 2 way communication, enabling colleagues to ask questions, share documents, comment and more. It also offers an opportunity to recognise and celebrate success and build community.

UCD Workvivo is available on both desktop and mobile ((opens in a new window)Android and (opens in a new window)Apple), allowing you to stay in touch wherever you are.

Initially, UCD Workvivo is only available to current UCD employees but other phases will look at the business case for expansion.


UCD Workvivo is build around the concept of Spaces.

Broadly speaking these can be divided into 3 main categories

  • University Level Spaces
  • College / Unit spaces
  • Project / Interest / Social spaces

You are automatically a member of University spaces and their posts will appear in your activity feed. Examples include the President’s Office, IT, HR, Teaching & or Library announcements.

You are automatically a member of your College / Unit space so their posts will also appear in your activity feed.

If you choose to join an interest / social / project space then their posts will appear in your feed. Examples might include a community of practice, project group, employee club or community group.

You cannot post or interact with the entire university community, only to spaces of which you are a member.

UCD Workvivo Support

E: workvivo@ucd.ie |