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Latest News

SEMINAR: "Forget about 'Heritage': Place, Ethics and the Faro Convention" by Dr John Schofield, University of York (09/11/2014)

UCD School of Archaeology & Archaeological Society Research Seminar Series 2014/15 Thurs 13th November 2014, 5.30pm, Room A109, Newman Building, UCD

Ancient Europeans remained intolerant to lactose for 5,000 years after they adopted agriculture (22/10/2014)

Professor Ron Pinhasi, UCD School of Archaeology and UCD Earth Institute, has published a paper, with an international team of scientists, that describes a new process that enables scientists to systematically analyse ancient DNA from a series of skeletons from the same region and check for known genetic markers including lactose intolerance.

UCD School of Archaeology undergraduate training excavations at Glendalough, Co. Wicklow 18 - 29th August 2014 (18/08/2014)

This year our focus is on the immediate surrounds of the main monastic complex investigating anomalies identified in our geophysical survey including a potential early enclosure ditch.

New Publication: Early Medieval Agriculture, Livestock and Cereal Production in Ireland, AD 400-1100 (15/07/2014)

Congratulations to Finbar McCormick, Thomas Kerr, Meriel McClatchie and Aidan O'Sullivan on the publication of their new volume: Early Medieval Agriculture, Livestock and Cereal Production in Ireland, AD 400-1100

New publication: Settlement in the Irish Neolithic (07/07/2014)

Congratulations to Dr Jessica Smyth on the publication of her new book Settlement in the Irish Neolithic.