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Latest News

SEMINAR: “The Amesbury Archer, migration and knowledge in the Copper Age” - Dr Andrew Fitzpatrick, University of Leicester (05/10/2015)

UCD School of Archaeology & Archaeological Society Research Seminar Series 2014/15 1:00pm Thursday 15th October 2015 (Venue TBC) Newman Building, UCD

Exciting changes for UCD School of Archaeology (01/09/2015)

Best wishes to all involved with the UCD School of Archaeology, past and present. We hope you had a good summer, despite the weather! We got a good taste of both sunshine and showers during our very successful Field School at Glenadalough that has just concluded. The beginning of September of course means preparation for the new academic year but specifically this year it marks important changes and developments for us.

UCD School of Archaeology undergraduate training excavations at Glendalough, Co. Wicklow 17 - 28th August 2015 (19/08/2015)

This year our focus is on the immediate surrounds of the main monastic complex investigating anomalies identified in our geophysical survey including a potential early enclosure ditch. This expands upon our work last year that opened up a small trench in the field between the round tower and St Mary's church.

BBC Scotland interviews Dr Graeme Warren about excavating the Mesolithic in Scotland - the Mar Lodge, Cairngorm Mountains, project 2015 season (09/07/2015)

The overarching aim is to explore the early prehistory, especially the Mesolithic, of the Mar Lodge estate, a huge area of uplands in the heart of the Cairngorm mountains, Scotland. Previous estimates of hunter-gatherer activities dated to around 5000 BC, however, radiocarbon analysis of material from recent excavations have demonstrated that humans were presents as far back as 8100 BC.

UCD School of Archaeology supports efforts to ensure that all archaeologists receive pay and conditions commensurate with their qualifications and level of experience (22/04/2015)

UCD School of Archaeology supports the Unite Archaeological Branch – and indeed all our professional archaeological colleagues – in their recent efforts to ensure that all archaeologists receive pay and conditions commensurate with their qualifications and level of experience, and recognizes that this can best be achieved through a process of consultation and negotiation with employers.