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Latest News

UCD Archaeological Society Inaugural Lecture (12/11/2014)

Missing Persons? Formal Disposal and Funerary Practices in Prehistoric Britain by Prof. Chris Scarre, University of Durham

Ancient Europeans remained intolerant to lactose for 5,000 years after they adopted agriculture (22/10/2014)

Professor Ron Pinhasi, UCD School of Archaeology and UCD Earth Institute, has published a paper, with an international team of scientists, that describes a new process that enables scientists to systematically analyse ancient DNA from a series of skeletons from the same region and check for known genetic markers including lactose intolerance.

UCD School of Archaeology undergraduate training excavations at Glendalough, Co. Wicklow 18 - 29th August 2014 (18/08/2014)

This year our focus is on the immediate surrounds of the main monastic complex investigating anomalies identified in our geophysical survey including a potential early enclosure ditch.

New Publication: Early Medieval Agriculture, Livestock and Cereal Production in Ireland, AD 400-1100 (15/07/2014)

Congratulations to Finbar McCormick, Thomas Kerr, Meriel McClatchie and Aidan O'Sullivan on the publication of their new volume: Early Medieval Agriculture, Livestock and Cereal Production in Ireland, AD 400-1100

New publication: Settlement in the Irish Neolithic (07/07/2014)

Congratulations to Dr Jessica Smyth on the publication of her new book Settlement in the Irish Neolithic.