About us

Mission Statement: Our mission is to enable and empower individuals to develop the skills, self-confidence and attitudes needed to flourish in learning and work within a global economy.

Value Statement: We work with the UCD Community adding value to the development of UCD’s talent pipeline through improving individuals’ experiences and learning, and enabling their contribution to communities, organizations, the economy and a wider global outlook.

Values: When dealing with each other and our clients, we value:

- Being professional, knowledgable and innovative
- Competency and accessibility
- Confidence and friendliness
- Transparent and collaborative relationships

Career Development Centre Objectives (2016-2020):  We aspire to meet the following objectives:

Be innovative and creative in our development and professional practice, active in planning, predicting and managing change.
Enable UCD students and Postdoctoral Researchers to develop the self-confidence, skills and competencies required for transition to work and for ongoing career management and professional development and lifelong learning.
Enhance the educational experience by developing, delivering and constantly improving innovative career development opportunities and professional development.
Situate our work within relevant theoretical frameworks and models that are robust, fit-for-purpose and internationally recognised.
Proactively engage with employers and grow the number and range of internship and graduate opportunities and provide UCD with intelligence on the graduate labour market, recruitment and selection trends.
Provide consultancy and support to the Faculty in curriculum design and enhancement as it relates to career and professional development.
Develop the capacity, knowledge and skills of the CDC staff to remain relevant, innovative and responsive to technological developments as they apply and are exploited for work purposes.
Treat each other and our clients with dignity and respect, paying due diligence to equality of opportunity, impartiality and confidentiality.
Evidence the impact of our work on the UCD Strategic Plan through measuring and reporting our impact and success appropriately.

We subscribe to the following Professional Associations/Best Practice: