Build your skills

A UCDVO volunteer on an overseas project

Image courtesy of UCD Volunteers Overseas

Employers are seeking students who can demonstrate the skills required for success in the workplace. These include: leadership, commercial awareness, communication, emotional intelligence etc.

Major recruiters use rigorous methods in assessing skills; for example some identify and compile the skills profile needed for each job within the organisation and the competency level. They devise a list of questions related to each skill identified, which interviewers can pose to candidates to elicit their capability in the skill and to demonstrate how this has developed. It is therefore vital that you reflect on and become aware of your skills and competencies, how you developed these, and how they relate to the employer’s requirements. 

The good news is that there are lots of opportunities for you to develop your skills. Check out the Let Your Experience Work For You article in the UCD Career Guide for some great tips on how to develop the key skills that employers are looking for.

Internships and summer/part-time jobs can provide great opportunities to develop and enhance your transferable skills. You may also want to consider doing some voluntary work and coming along to some of our skills workshops. Click on the links on the left menu to find out more.