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Welcome to UCD School of Classics

UCD School of Classics is the largest centre of Classical studies in Ireland. It has over five hundred undergraduate students, a strong body of postgraduate students, and a full-time teaching staff of eight. It offers majors and minors in Greek and Roman Civilization, Greek, and Latin at undergraduate level. There is also an MA in Classics, which can be taken either full-time (one year) or part-time (two years). The School involves students in archaeological projects and study tours in Greece and Italy.

The School possesses a Classical Museum which was established by Henry Browne, Professor of Greek from 1909 to 1922. It contains a good representative collection of Greek vases, Roman pottery, Cypriot antiquities, sculpture, Greek and Roman coins and inscriptions, and miscellaneous materials. The collection is used extensively for teaching, and is visited by students from other universities, school parties, and visiting scholars.

The School has close contacts with the Classics departments at both Trinity College and NUI Maynooth. Students and staff attend a variety of seminars and other events. There are also strong links with the wider community, including schools and amateur bodies such as the Classical Association and the Irish Hellenic Society.