Research Networks and International Collaborations

(1) UCD Centre for War Studies (Dr Philip de Souza). This interdisciplinary research centre promotes a wide range of international research activities focusing on the origins, nature and consequences of war-related violence from ancient times to the present day. Its goals are to develop new research projects in partnership with other research institutions around the globe. Since its foundation, the Centre has attracted research grants from various national and international agencies such as the Irish Research Council (IRC), the European Research Council (ERC) and the Gerda-Henkel Foundation in Germany. It has also hosted a number of Marie Curie Actions. The centre builds upon the existing research interests of staff in the schools of History, Classics, Archaeology, and Politics and also serves as a forum for graduate students and early career researchers working on the history of war and interpersonal violence. The CWS was reviewed two years ago. PdS and Professor Robert Gerwarth (UCD School of History) plan to hold a conference in 2018/19. For further details on the CWS see the website.

(2) Océanides international research project (Dr Philip de Sousa), featuring 238 scholars and exploring mankind’s interaction with the sea. The Antiquity Period editor is PdS, the Scientific Director Prof. Christian Buchet (Catholic Institute of Paris). As part of this project PdS co-organized, with Prof. Michel Balard (University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne), a conference on Antiquity and the Middle Ages, held in Paris, December 2014. The Antiquity and Medieval period volumes will be published in 2017, with a ceremony at the Sénat de France on 30 March 2017.

(3) Studies in Ancient Greek Narrative project (Prof. Michael Lloyd). This project is producing a multi-volume and multi-author literary history of ancient Greek narrative texts. The series has so far produced four volumes published by Brill.

(4) Greco-Roman scientific, medical and technical writing (Dr Aude Doody). This project focuses in particular on the ways in which scientific, medical and technical texts were written. AD has co-organised a series of international workshops on Greco-Roman scientific, medical and technical writing with Professor Liba Taub (University of Cambridge) from which have arisen two co-authored publications.

(5) The Priniatikos Pyrgos archaeological fieldwork project and field-school excavation and publication of a multi-period site in east Crete, co-directed by Dr Joanna Day, Dr Barry Molloy (Archaeology) and Dr Vera Klontza-Jaklova (Brno) with the participation of colleagues and students. This project been supported financially by the Institute for the Study of Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP), the Mediterranean Archaeological Trust, Loeb Classical Library, American Philosophical Society, and the University of Pennsylvania Museum, and operates under the auspices of the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies in Athens with a permit from the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and the support of the KD (24th) Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.  For further details see the website.

(6) CHIRON Classical Museum Resources Online directed by Dr Joanna Day – a project to create a digital database of the entire Classical Museum collections.

(7) Oxford Handbook of Seafaring in the Classical World (Dr Philip de Souza).

(8) Online Encyclopaedia of Ancient History (Dr Philip de Sousa, Dr Alexander Thein).

(9) Handwörterbuch der antiken Sklaverei (Prof. Theresa Urbainczyk, Dr Philip de Sousa). This is a large international collaborative project run by the Mainz Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur. For further details see the website.

(10) The Kephalonia Project is a diachronic and interdisciplinary project directed by Dr Christina Haywood on the Ionian island of Kephalonia, in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Culture and with the participation of colleagues from UCD Schools of Archaeology and Art History and Cultural Policy. It has raised the profile of the School in the field of Classical Archaeology in Greece. The project has embarked on study seasons involving an international team of experts and provides fieldwork experience for students of the School of Classics.