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Choose from our courses in Greek, Latin and Classical Civilization. Come for the entire academic year or just for one semester.


Ireland has been called the 51st State. In recognition of the close ties between the two countries, the United States has been called the 5th Province of Ireland (after Ulster, Connaught, Munster and Leinster, the home of Dublin). Studying in Dublin offers you the opportunity to experience student life in the Irish capital, explore rural Ireland, and sample the cultural highlights of Europe.

The Great Sugar Loaf Mountain, shown on the right, overlooks the Irish Sea and lies only 15 miles from the UCD campus. The vase, by the Dublin Painter, comes from the UCD Classical Museum.

University College Dublin

University College Dublin has shaped the face of modern Ireland. It was founded as the Catholic University of Ireland in 1854. Its spiritual father was Cardinal John Henry Newman. Its graduates include James Joyce.

School of Classics

Study Abroad students have come to us from all corners of the United States, both from large research universities and small liberal arts colleges. 

Greek and Roman Civilization

Greek and Roman Civilization is one of the most popular Arts subjects at UCD. We offer a wide range of courses in the history, literature, philosophy, art and archaeology of the Classical world. An interest in the ancient world is the only prerequisite. No knowledge of Greek and Latin is required.

Greek and Latin Language

Greek and Latin Language can be studied at all levels. Study Abroad students regularly join advanced courses in Greek and Latin literature. It is also possible to begin Greek and/or Latin in the Fall Semester, and to continue with introductory language classes in the Spring Semester.

Further Information

Further information on the application process can be provided by the UCD International Office: For queries relating to the courses offered by the School of Classics, please email