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Collaborative Research

Conway Fellows have successful collaborations with scientists worldwide. These collaborations have led to publications in academic journals with scientists from more 1500 organisations in more than 70 countries worldwide. The map below shows the location of the organisations across the world whose scientists have had more than 10 peer review publications with Conway Fellows in the period 2003-2013.

Key: Publication number - blue pin (11-30); yellow pin (31-50); red pin (over 50)

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The UCD Conway core technology programme is the most comprehensive and advanced analysis platform for the life sciences and biomedical research in Ireland. We can deliver comprehensive solutions to challenging research questions for our academic and industrial partners.

Discuss your technology requirements with one of our core technology directors:


Prof Brendan Loftus


Prof Matthias Wilm


Dr Dimitri Scholz

Flow cytometry

Dr Alfonso Blanco

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