8th June: UCD Festival 2019

21st January: Dr Chris Mark awarded SFI Starting Investigator Research Grant


23rd October: UCD Geology Workshop - Saturday 24th November 2018

8th June: TOSCA travels to the Mid-Atlantic ridge and discovers an other-worldly landscape16th May: UCD School of Earth Sciences-led international expedition, TOSCA, sets sail


6th April: Piecing Together the Big Picture on Water and Climate

23rd March: Prof John Walsh awarded 2017 RIA Gold Medal14th March: Dr Laia Comas Bru and Dr Lola Yeasares awarded Charlemont grants

23rd January: UCD Science Transition Year Week of workshops running 12th - 16th February

8th January: Assoc Professor Eoghan Holohan with Dr Simone Fiaschi awarded Irish Research Council funding


28th December: Dr Aggeliki Georgiopoulou Irish Times interview: Drilling the seabed for answers to Earth’s mysteries

14th December: Sandbox simulation of a tectonic collision zone (Module: GEOL30350 - Geological Structures)

29th November: Dr Aggeliki Georgiopoulou Sets Sail on IODP exp 372

27th October: Four Projects Awarded GSI Funding

19th October: Dr Shane O'Reilly's research paper on the preservation of preen glands to be published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences

14th June: Dr Steven Hollis awarded Geological Survey Ireland grant

13th June: Dr Aggeliki Georgiopoulou awarded a Fulbright-Geological Survey Ireland Scholarship

12th June: Dr Laia Comas Bru awarded EAG Ambassador Award

7th June: Professor John Walsh awarded Geological Society of London’s William Smith medal

11th April: Dr Koen Torremans awarded Horizon 2020 Grant6th April: UCD SPE Student Chapter Lecture by Dr. John O’Sullivan, Technical Director, Providence Resources, Dublin

27th March: Recently completed PhD student Eva Eibl has three papers published

13th March: Invitation to sail on IODP exp. 372 for Dr Aggeliki Georgiopoulou

18th January: Royal Irish Academy Charlemont grant awarded to Dr Srikumar Roy13th January: Royal Irish Academy Charlemont grant awarded to Dr Steven Hollis


19th December: PAGES working group SISAL workshop

14th November: Nature Scientific Reports publication - Micrometre-scale deformation observations reveal fundamental controls on geological rifting

21st October: Geobiology and Molecular Fossils5th September: UCD Geology Workshop - Saturday 26th November 2016

3rd August: PANTHER Marine Research Expedition

29th July : Renata Barros : Foord Pegmatite Symposium in Golden, Colorado

15th July : Dr Eoghan Holohan : Gradual caldera collapse at Bárdarbunga volcano, Iceland 'Science' publication

24th June : A Time of Transition : 3rd to 4th Yr Student Duties

20th June : Remembering Steve Millan

16th June : Dr Laia Comas-Bru AGU2016