2016 News Items

19th December: PAGES working group SISAL workshop

14th November: Nature Scientific Reports publication - Micrometre-scale deformation observations reveal fundamental controls on geological rifting

21st October: Geobiology and Molecular Fossils5th September: UCD Geology Workshop - Saturday 26th November 2016

3rd August: PANTHER Marine Research Expedition

29th July : Renata Barros : Foord Pegmatite Symposium in Golden, Colorado

15th July : Dr Eoghan Holohan : Gradual caldera collapse at Bárdarbunga volcano, Iceland 'Science' publication

24th June : A Time of Transition : 3rd to 4th Yr Student Duties

20th June : Remembering Steve Millan

16th June : Dr Laia Comas-Bru AGU2016