The purpose of the EDI Disability Subgroup is to consider, recommend and progress opportunities that further inclusivity and accessibility in UCD all staff and students through the principles of Universal Access & Design.  


Through the EDI Committee, highlight disability issues, make recommendations and progress  projects and actions to improve the experience of staff and students with disabilities in UCD.To raise disability awareness among staff and students.To promote the principles of Universal Design and campus accessibilityTo provide a co-ordinated approach to progressing the disability agenda in UCD

Conduct of business

The group will meet 5 times during the academic year. It will aim to meet twice in semester 1 and three times in semester 2 with the aim of linking in with the EDI Committee meetings.  Meetings will be scheduled for an hour and a note of actions will be recorded.


  • Fiona Sweeney (Chair)
  • Tina Lowe
  • Peter Coulahan
  • Nadia D'Alton
  • Marcellina Fogarty
  • Aine Ahern
  • David Delaney
  • PJ Barron
  • Student Union Representative

Programme of work

EDI Subgroup on Disability - Programme of work