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News Headlines

Call for Papers - Challenges for Islamic Finance and Law: Innovations and Regulations

From Islamic banking to Islamic securitization and insurance the need for innovation in Islamic financing has long been recognized. Regulation is essential to manage the progress that the global Islamic finance industry has currently achieved. The University College Dublin (UCD) Sutherland School of Law is pleased to announce an Islamic Finance and Law Conference

The Law School of University College Dublin” & Law Alumni Christmas Reception

The UCD Sutherland School of Law recently held a Law Alumni reception to launch “The Law School of University College Dublin”, a publication by Professor W.N. Osborough

Professor James E. Pfander speaks at Law School

Professor James E. Pfander, Owen L. Coon Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law presented a seminar entitled 'Non-Contentious Jurisdiction and Inquisitorial Judging in the Courts of the United States'