Maths Sparks Problem Solving Workshops receive funding from SFI

The ‘Maths Sparks: Problem Solving Workshops’ run by the School of Mathematics & Statistics, UCD was one of the successful applications to receive SFI Discover funding for 2016.

The programme, begun in 2014 by Dr Anthony Cronin and Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin, will now expand to incorporate more schools and students who will participate in a series of innovative, engaging and challenging mathematics workshops. Over 20 students from the School of Mathematics & Statistics have volunteered to participate in designing and facilitating these workshops. These students are collaboratively creating and trialling each workshop under the guidance of Dr Aoibhinn Ní Shúílleabháin, Dr Anthony Cronin and Dr Myrto Manolaki. All UCD students volunteering with ‘Maths Sparks’ will participate in training on presentation and communication of their mathematical knowledge. Lecturers within the school will, each week, present on the applications and potential opportunities available to students who study mathematics. 
Over 70 secondary students have applied to take part in the weekly workshops which will run over six weeks. Here they will engage with extra-curricular mathematical content presented by students in the School of Mathematics & Statistics.
The workshops will begin on February 22nd and an Awards Ceremony for students’ participation in the workshops will be held in the College of Science, UCD, on April 25th.