Summer Interns - Liam Phelan  

The year spent doing the MSc was one hundred percent worth it. In addition to the wide variety of new skills that I was able to learn, I also had the chance to further improve upon subjects that I had learned during my undergraduate degree, and the summer research project with Parameter Space was a great learning experience for multiple reasons. Additionally, the chance to play a role in the development of EIRSAT-1, was a unique opportunity that solely came about from doing the Masters.

Liam Phelan, MSc 2017.  

"I loved my time in this programme. My favourite part was the design, building and launch of our CanSat. From the integration of our various sensors to testing the finished satellite, to chasing it around Kerry, this was one of the most fun and educational projects I have ever worked on. The skills I learned at UCD helped me obtain an internship at NASA Ames Research Center in California, an amazing opportunity to work with people at the forefront of the space industry. I couldn't recommend the course enough to anyone with an interest in space!" 

Conor O'Toole, MSc 2015. 

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Graduate - Dan Vagg  

“My favourite part was the Space Mission Design field-trip to Tenerife. We  worked in competing international teams. This was an incredible and unique experience. My industry placement was with the US multinational Curtiss-Wright, who provide data-handling for rockets such as the SpaceX Dragon capsules." 

Daniel Vagg, MSc 2014.


"Being able to choose courses to suit my interests meant I could happily decide on the balance between laboratory and classroom learning. I could also then study engineering courses, which were new to me and which I felt were suitable for my future career. Highlights included a week-long trip in Tenerife, and building a can-sized satellite." 

James Harpur, MSc 2014. 

  Graduate - James Harpur 
Ronan Wall - Adjunct Lecturer  

“My education at UCD School of Physics provided a crucial foundation in the key physical principles of space, which have aided in my understanding and implementation of a diverse range of projects from complex multi-spacecraft mission studies to rocket engine development. Given the calibre of staff and research output at the School, I have no hesitation in recommending this course. I only wish it had been available when I graduated!” 

Ronan Wall, PhD (UCD BSc Graduate 1996). 


It IS Rocket Science!

  UCD Science (Physics) graduate Dr Ronan Wall, speaks about how an original interest in Physics and aeronautics led to his career working as a project manager for prime contractors to the European Space Agency and NASA. His career has spanned Ireland, the UK, Japan and further afield. Recently, Ronan's employer, Moog, supplied one of the on-board engines for the NASA Mercury MESSENGER mission

Summer Internships

Summer Interns - Aayush Yadav  

"UCD has a perfect combination of infrastructure and academics. It has a charming campus with all the facilities required to spoil a student along with the great set of teachers to guide them. I spent a wonderful time working under Dr. Coffey. There was no pressure at all, but the topic seems so interesing that one is compelled to work on it. My internship stay here in Ireland consisted of working in UCD for most of the time and strolling around the city the rest of the time. What really made my trip great were the people. Irish people are very friendly. I made quite good friends during my stay at UCD. All in all, this was a terrific experience." 

Aayuah Yadav from IIT, Mumbai - 2015 Summer Intern in Space Science & Technology. 

"My internship at UCD has taught me more than I could have expected. As an Intern, I feel my duties were diverse and dynamic. It’s really tough to recount everything I have taken in over the past month, but I feel I am taking back a whole lot of new experiences, memories, friends and some amount of professional experience. My internship has definitely given me a broader and better understanding of my skill set and a more detailed picture of my possible career options." 

Sumit Jain from IIT, Mumbai - 2015 Summer Intern in Space Science & Technology. 

  Summer Interns - Sumit Jain