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Mission statement:

"To deliver teaching and research excellence in the biomolecular and biomedical sciences and foster discovery and learning through collaboration."


PLoS Pathogens Publication: Tools for Candida ParapsilosisPLoS Pathogens Publication: Tools for Candida Parapsilosis (30/10/2014)

SBBS Professor of Genetics Geraldine Butler, and her research group have published a paper in PLoS Pathogens with a novel approach to investigating gene function in the major human fungal pathogen, Candida Parapsilosis.

The Regan Symposium on Neuroplasticity in Brain Function and DysfunctionThe Regan Symposium on Neuroplasticity in Brain Function and Dysfunction (13/10/2014)

It is with regret that this event has been postponed.

SBBS-coordinated Eye Disease Consortium SBBS-coordinated Eye Disease Consortium "3D-NET" launch (10/10/2014)

“Drug Discovery & Development of Novel Eye Therapeutics” Led by SBBS Dr. Breandan Kennedy, 3D-NET establishes an exciting and innovative European network of industry and academic partners, who exchange knowledge, people, and expertise to enhance the discovery and development of drugs that target these ocular pathologies (Funded by a FP7- Marie Curie IAPP grant).


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