Systems Biology Ireland investigates new therapeutic approaches to disease, with a focus on cancer at a systems level. We use a combination of traditional wet-lab and computational modeling approaches to understand cellular signaling networks.


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3TR: SBI joins 69 European partners in largest-ever Innovative Medicine Initiative 2 (IMI2) immunology project

This large-scale public-private research initiative will provide new insights into the mechanisms of response and non-response to treatment within and across seven different immune-mediated diseases through integrated, cross-disease analysis of the most state-of-the-art profiling technologies.

29 October, 2019 Read More

Improbable Science or How to Have Fun With Research.

Following the Nobel Prize announcements in October, PhD student Philipp Junk takes us through a celebration of another form of scientific novelty - the Ig Nobel Prizes. From magnetized cockroaches to the saliva volume of a 5 year-old, the weird and wonderful side of science is alive and well.

04 November, 2019 Read More