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Fáilte chuig Eolaíocht UCD. Welcome to UCD Science. University College Dublin has one of the most diverse Science programmes in the country, providing BSc, Higher Diplomas, Graduate Diplomas, MSc and PhDs in biological, chemical, geological, mathematical, physical and computer sciences. Download UCD Science 2014 Career Pathways (pdf) NEW


UCD O'Brien Centre for Science - main concourse view5 June 2014 - 5th Year Computer Science Summer School
Apply now. 21 places remaining as of 10 April 2014.


Spinning new solutions with magnetismSpinning new solutions with magnetism

Dr Grace Morgan is looking to harness the atoms of metallic elements, where the spin of the electrons determines their magnetic properties. And by cleverly engineering transition metals, she is opening up new possibilities...


Study Abroad students with Associate Dean for Associate Dean for Study Abroad Dr Tadhg Ó CróinínStudy Abroad students get a taste of research life at UCD

The Introduction to Research module gives students spending time at UCD on the Study Abroad programme the opportunity to flex their muscles in the lab...


Joined up speaking: cognitive science of joint speechJoined up speaking: cognitive science of joint speech

Despite its universality, longevity and deep integration into situations of great importance - including worship, protest and educational practices - speaking in unison has been the subject of little or no scientific research to date. It’s a blind spot that cognitive scientist Dr Fred Cummins has been working to address...


UCD Access Centre Future Scientist in UCD O'Brien Centre for ScienceUCD Access Centre Future Scientist Event in UCD O'Brien Centre for Science

Almost 50 students from St. John’s College, De La Salle, Ballyfermot and Caritas College, Ballyfermot attended the Future Scientist event in the UCD O'Brien Centre for Science on 26 March 2014.


Dr Kay Nolan. Can dog genetics provide new leads for human disease?Can dog genetics provide new leads for human disease?

The dog might be man’s best friend, but could canine genes also be a friend to genetic research? Thoroughbreds can offer a relatively clean canvas to go looking for genes that are linked with disease, explains Dr Kay Nolan...


Paulina Szklanna and President Michael D HigginsPresident Michael D. Higgins launches student Ethics Initiative at UCD

President Michael D. Higgins visited UCD on February 20 to meet students and to attend the launch of the first student event of The President of Ireland's Ethics Initiative.


Dr Patricia Maguire, Who wants to be a biomedical scientist?Who wants to be a biomedical scientist?

If you were on the quiz show Who Wants to be a Millionaire and you had to choose what subject to study at college, would you know whether to click a, b, c or d? When you have to make a choice like that, it helps to have a good foundation in the options. So for first-year (Stage 1) students, an introductory module on biomedical science offers just that... with a bit of game-show interaction thrown in. Dr Patricia Maguire explains...


EU consortium to develop treatments for irreversible blindnessEU consortium to develop treatments for irreversible blindness

A new European research consortium is, for the first time, exchanging cross-European industry and academic expertise in the development of drugs with the potential to treat ocular (eye) diseases that might otherwise lead to blindness.


Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) at UCD College of ScienceWhen students learn from students

If there’s a problem to be tackled, many heads are often better than one. And, thanks to the Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) programme in UCD, first-year chemistry students can now get their heads together in constructive, guided study sessions to tackle the more challenging parts of the course. Dr Kathy O'Boyle explains...


UCD College of Science Artists in ResidenceThree artists selected for UCD Science: Artists in Residence 2014

Cindy Cummings, Sofie Loscher, and David Stalling have been selected for the UCD Science: Artists in Residence 2014.The three artists announced for the UCD Science: Artists in Residence 2014 were selected from over 60 applications. The selection panel chose the artists in light of the artists’ proposals, their work to date...


UCD Science Research Showcase - Science everyone can understandUCD Science Research Showcase - Science everyone can understand

On Tuesday 20 November 2012 the UCD College of Science welcomed academics, funding agency representatives and members of the public to the launch of the UCD Science Research Showcase. This publication aims to engage with a wider audience by sharing some highlights of work undertaken in the College.