We are actively involved and engaged in the following organisations, networks and boards:

Michelle Norris (Head of School) at a NESC Panel:
From left: Rory O’Donnell (NESC Director), Michelle Norris (UCD), Bairbre Nic Aongusa (Assistant Secretary for Housing, Dept. of Environment), Stefan Gerlach (‎Deputy Governor, Central Bank)

National Economic & Social Council (NESC) (Michelle Norris, independent council member)

Marriage Equality (Judy Walsh, board member)

Participation and the Practice of Rights (Judy Walsh, board member)

Healthy Food for All (Judy Walsh, board member)

Irish Association of Social Workers Special Interest Group on Migration (Muireann NiRaghallaigh co-founder and media spokesperson)

Irish Refugee Council (Muireann NiRaghallaigh Vice-Chair of the Board)

Working Group on Housing and Urban Sustainability, European Network for Housing Researchers (Nessa Winston, co-ordinator)

International Network on Parental Leave Policies and Research (Michael Rush, Associate Representative for Ireland

Irish Association of Social Workers (Hilda Loughran :Board Member, Sarah Donnelly, Chair of Special Interest Group for Practitioner research and council member)

Ballymun Youth Action Project (Hilda Loughran: Board Member)

Joint World Conference on Social Work Education and Social Development (Hilda Loughran: Member of Organising Committee and Scientific Programme)

Club Health 2017 (Hilda Loughran: Host Committee)

Stanhope Alcohol Treatment Centre (Hilda Loughran: Consultant)

SAOL Project ( Hilda Loughran: Consultant)

Attac Ireland (Marie Moran, Chair)

Women's History Association of Ireland (Mary McAuliffe, Committee Member)

National Archives of Ireland Advisory Council (Mary McAuliffe, member)

Irish Association of Professional Historians (Mary McAuliffe, Committee member and treasurer)

Irish Feminist Network (Mary McAuliffe)

National Women's Council of Ireland (Mary McAuliffe)

HSE Health and Social Care Professionals Research Subgroup (Sarah Donnelly, National Social Work representative).

In the past we have worked for, advised and collaborated with various organisations. We often keep close links to these organisations for future research projects and policy exchange.

Focus Ireland (Nessa Winston)

Irish Social Policy Association (Nessa Winston) (The Irish Social Policy Association was established by in 1997 by Dr Patricia Kennedy (former member of the School) and Dr Nessa Winston (current member of the School)

Immigrant Council of Ireland (Ursula Barry, Judy Walsh)

Irish Feminist Network (Ursula Barry)

National Women's Council of Ireland (Ursula Barry, Judy Walsh)

SONAS (Ursula Barry)

Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) (Ursula Barry)

The Children's Rights Alliance (Judy Walsh)

Debt Justice Action (Marie Moran)

Debt and Development Coalition Ireland (Marie Moran)