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UCD Strategy 2015-2020

Straitéis 2015-2020

Objectives 8

Further develop world-class facilities to support our vision

As UCD continues to develop as a university of preeminent international standing, it is imperative that our facilities match this level of ambition. UCD has made significant progress in recent years in developing world-class facilities, and the campus now represents a significant strength and area of competitive advantage for the University. Recent developments emphasise this, including the newly opened UCD O'Brien Centre for Science and the UCD Sutherland School of Law. Our Student Centre and many of our sporting facilities can also justifiably be categorised as world-class.

However, there is a lack of uniformity to the condition of our buildings, equipment and other facilities. Throughout the period of this plan we will work towards putting in place, maintaining and improving our facilities, equipment and services right across the University, to support world-class research and a research-led and engaged student experience.

We are equally determined to put in place facilities which contribute significantly to the building of the University community, and which promote engagement with our wider community. To the greatest extent possible, we wish to house schools and support units in contiguous space, and to ensure that each has appropriate space to facilitate engagement and the exchange of ideas amongst faculty and staff.

We will put in place a campus development plan which will emphasise a rigorous process of prioritisation, establish clear timelines and set out a compelling case for our priorities. This plan will form an important basis for our funding campaigns which will focus on securing both government and philanthropic finance for our developments.

Success will be measured by the development of a new campus development plan, significant progress towards the realisation of that plan, the formulation of ongoing maintenance programmes for buildings and equipment, and the creation of a fund for substantial capital investments and maintenance.

Objective 8