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Conveying Space Collection

By Daniel Holfeld
University College Dublin 2020

In an intimate and powerful contemplation, Daniel Holfeld’s images provide access to a new look at the built legacy of University College Dublin; deconstructing the elemental components of architecture, transforming the rebar, concrete and stucco of its buildings to change the way we think about the structures themselves. This series has received international awards from the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Awards, The International Photography Awards and the MonoVisions Black and White Photography Awards.

Conveying Space forms a component of the Belfield 50 programme led by Professor Orla Feely, Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Impact, and directed by Eilis O’Brien, Director of Communication and Marketing.

The first editions of Conveying Space (1/6) are now part of the UCD art collection and are displayed around the Belfield campus (see individual images below for locations).
The University is gallery agent for the remaining prints in two sizes: 150cm x 100cm (2/6) and 120cm x 80cm (1/10). They can be purchased from the UCD College Collection, see individual images below for details.

Image Gallery Grid

Building Blocks
Cascade Form
Concrete Mass
Converging Lamppost
Discs in Motion
Diverging Spaces
Game Walls
Icon 1
Icon 2
Night Walk
Social Circles
Space Divided
White Space