News and Events

International Pre-Masters Pathway Programme Alumni Event

Wednesday 5th February saw the International Pathway Programmes Team host a special Past-Meets-Present Student Reception for past and current students of the Pre-Masters Pathway Programme. The event was a great opportunity for the current students to gain valuable insight into the programme from the former students who have entered into their postgraduate degrees in disciplines across all six colleges of UCD. Academic Director, Associate Professor Nicolae Buchete offered his advice for the trimester, again highlighting the importance and opportunity the programme affords the students ahead of their entry into UCD. The teaching staff were also pleased to have the opportunity to catch-up with their former students. Thank you to all who attended the event and the International Pathway Programmes Team look forward to next year’s event!

International Pre-Masters Pathways Graduation

In a ceremony held on Thursday 28th November in the UCD's Applied Language Centre, 10 students (3 in absentia) were the first to be awarded International Pre-Masters Pathways University Diplomas and Certificates. Students were congratulated on their achievement by Professor Paul Fanning, Provost of the Beijing Dublin International College and UCD International Dean for China, Associate Professor Nicolae Buchete, Academic Director of the International Pre-Masters Programmes and Dr Stergiani Kostopoulou, Senior Teaching Fellow in the Applied Language Centre.

As Master of Ceremonies, Dr Kostopoulou led the event by congratulating the students whom she had also taught personally, for their hard work, determination and success. She spoke of the calibre of the students’ performance throughout the programme and also of their motivation which was evident in their course work and exams. Associate Professor Nicolae Buchete spoke of the importance of classroom participation and engagement in students getting the most from their Master’s studies.

Once Professor Paul Fanning had conferred the students with their awards, the graduates had an opportunity to speak with Dr Kostopoulou and the programme’s administrative staff and expressed how valuable their studies in the Pre-Masters Pathway Programme were to them and how well prepared they were for post-graduate study as a result.

On behalf of everyone at UCD’s Applied Language Centre, we offer our congratulations and best wishes for future success to all.