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Global Language Modules
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Global Language Modules

We offer an extensive programme of language electives to students across the university. Elective modules allow students to build language learning into their programme of study.

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Structured Electives

A Structured Elective in a language will appear on your official UCD Transcript as a specialisation.

Learn more about Structured Electives

Why take a GLM elective?

  • Small group teaching (maximum 18 students per class) offers a more personal experience, with greater opportunities for interaction.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to learn a language at no extra cost. You can also achieve a Structured Elective in Applied Languages.
  • Our teachers are all either native or near-native speakers of their language with years of experience.
  • Our classes attract students from all over the University, and indeed all over the world, representing a unique chance to meet people from outside your degree programme.
  • Our flexible timetable, with classes running from 10 in the morning until 8 in the evening, enables students of all disciplines and profiles to find a class that suits them.
  • Our classes are synchronised with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) making it much easier for students to clearly define their language learning progress and level of proficiency.

Why study a language?

  • Language skills are not only invaluable for students looking to work or study abroad but for those hoping to travel or volunteer overseas during their time in UCD.
  • Multilingual graduates massively increase their career options as well as their employability.
  • Speaking more than one language enhances not only your creativity, but also your memory, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Students hoping to go on an Erasmus or Non-EU exchange have a much greater range of options if they have a second language.
  • As Ireland’s Global University and an advocate of global citizenship, UCD actively seeks to encourage more students to learn languages, not only as part of their studies but as a lifelong endeavour.
  • Learning languages fosters understanding, respect and enjoyment of other cultures and societies.
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The teaching was exceptional and the class environment, as well as my classmates were all very friendly and conducive to learning.
Theo Ward, Japanese Language and Culture 3b, Fourth year 2018/2019, Zoology
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"The Spanish teacher was absolutely wonderful! She was a really fantastic teacher, who really took the time to explain things in detail; she was very patient and understanding. I am really delighted with the module!
Megan Sheerin, Spanish for General Purposes 1, 2 & 3a, Science student

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