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Alireza Etemad

Alireza Etemad

Alireza is a PhD candidate at University College Dublin and an Early Stage Researcher at NexSys. The focus of his PhD is to model energy renovation strategies over multiple geographical scales (single buildings to district level to national scale) using appropriate energy modelling techniques i.e., white box, grey box and black box solutions. This will enable the creation of statistical multi-scale representations of the building stock and connected energy systems. Such modelling will allow for a novel and comprehensive assessment of future energy policy and its direct and indirect impacts on the macro economy and society. Climate and energy policy scenarios can be modelled to show the impacts of future technology adoption of households, resulting energy performance, and whether the same policies can drive a post-Covid green economic recovery. Alireza holds an MSc in energy systems engineering from IAU. he also has experience in design and construction of HVAC systems in the industrial and residential buildings and district heating plants.

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