The MBA Alumni Mentoring Programme at the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School serves to build a strong and vibrant community of professionals committed, along with the school, in furthering and supporting the careers of its MBA graduates. Facilitated and supported by our MBA Career Development Team, the programme enables its students to engage in dialogue with mid- to high-level executives in an effort to bridge the gap between academic learning and business practice and ensure favourable re-entry into the workplace for full-time MBA students. 

Alumni Mentoring Programme Objectives & Benefits

Through a combination of networking opportunities, workshops, learning events and establishing dedicated, one-on-one mentor relations, the MBA Mentoring Programme has been set up to reach the following objectives:

The collaboration between mentor and mentee is mutually beneficial. Students receive valuable insight into particular sectors from seasoned professionals who, in turn, can keep up to speed with the younger generation of business executives. Both sides also benefit from forming deep and lasting friendships. Acting as a mentor can be a hugely rewarding experience and is an ideal way for alumni to both remain involved and give back to their alma mater.

Get Involved

We are always seeking additional MBA alumni to get involved. Should you require further details or wish to become an MBA Mentor, please contact our MBA Careers Development Team for further details.

About the Mentoring Process

Mentors attend a training workshop prior to joining the panel to ensure they are fully briefed on their role as a mentor.

Students are also required to identify two or three goals for the process, prior to their first meeting with their mentor. Meetings are typically 1 hour in duration and take place up to three times between February and May (Semester 2 of the academic calendar)