In 2009 the UCD Business School celebrated one hundred years of exceptional business education. Over the last century, we have built a proud tradition of producing successful business leaders in Ireland. At the same time, we have consistently led Irish business education in meeting evolving business. We now need additional help to grow and develop the next generation of graduates.

Government funding today accounts for just 50% of the University’s income and even this level is under threat. As a result, all universities need to develop new ways to support our educational and research mission. To continue to attract the best qualified business students we must do more to help them attain and maintain their place at UCD. To this end we have established the UCD Business Scholarship Fund. The fund will provide support for both undergraduate and graduate students through grants for:

We very much hope you will make a gift that supports our students’ desire to learn and develop. Your contributions, together with those of other alumni, can make a big difference. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Please give us broader shoulders to stand on.

If you would like to donate please make cheques payable to UCD Foundation and post to

The UCD Business Scholarship Fund

c/o UCD Foundation Ltd
Tierney Building
University College Dublin
Dublin 4

UCD Business Scholarship Fund

Showcasing the great benefits of the UCD Business Scholarship Fund