This is a small borrowing/browsing library of books connected in some way, though not exclusively, with question of faith and spirituality. Books on philosophy, human development and issues of social concern are also included. 

 The books are catalogued according to the Dewey Decimal system (in line with UCD’s main libraries) and organised – for easier access - in categories such as: Theology, Biblical studies, Catechesis (explanation of faith), World Religions, Climate Change, Sexuality, Social Justice, etc.

 To the left as you enter the foyer of St. Stephen’s, over the book shelves, is a booklet permitting you to borrow books. We ask you to furnish your contact details – and your consent to do so - so that we can monitor the borrowing and returning of books.

To find a book, you can search for the title or author in the box below.



We recommend you view this excellent report :  Newman Society Annual Report 2018