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Cross College STEM Challenge Funding - Awardee Announcement

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The UCD STEM Challenge Fund is a joint initiative between the three UCD Colleges of Science, Engineering & Architecture, and Health & Agricultural Sciences to support highly collaborative and high-impact STEM research in UCD. 

We are delighted to share the College of Health and Agricultural Sciences awardees and their project titles below,

Dr Stephen Thorpe: Development of a pancreatic cancer-on-chip model of immune cell infiltration

Dr Clare Reynolds: Weighing in on breastmilk bioactives – the impact of breastmilk pro-inflammatory bioactives on infant growth and development.

Dr Mark Pickering: Accessible solutions for measuring marine microplastics.

Professor Kate Pumpa: Peak performance wearables: When near enough isn’t good enough.

Professor James Jones: Perfecting an artifical skin.

Dr Eoin Brennan: Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived human blood vessel organoids as a powerful model to investigate vascular development and disease.

Dr Simon Hodge: Circles within circles: the response of hemp to a bio-fertilizer derived from insect farming and repurposed food waste.

Dr Stephen Lalor: Developing a workflow to map metatranscriptomic data to metagenomic taxonomical characterisation of the lower airway microbiome to reveal functionally active bacteria in the development of severe asthma.

For a full list of awardees and proposals across the three colleges please visit the STEM Funding webpage below,


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