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CHAS Pilot SRI Group

What is SRI?

The Sustainable Research Initiative in the College of Health and Agricultural Sciences is a grassroots, bottom-up movement led by researchers in UCD that is committed to improving sustainability in research at UCD.

An Interim Working Group was established with approval to pilot the initiative in CHAS in December 2021. In March 2022, an expression of interest to join the SRI Steering Group was announced. The Steering group was then formally established in September 2022.  Since then, the Steering group meet monthly to discuss sustainability practices as well as organising networking events to promote sustainable research.

A subgroup called ‘wet labs group’ has also been set up to meet and discuss specific sustainable practices within research labs. Anyone with an interest in attending these meetings and learning more about lab sustainability can inquire at (opens in a new window)greenlabs@ucd.ie

In the long term, it is hoped to roll out an initiative across the whole university.

Why have the SRI in UCD?

  • Lots of initiatives & resources already exist to facilitate the implementation of required changes
  • Many universities in Ireland (TCD, TUD, UG, UCC) are leading the way in adopting best practices in conducting research sustainably
  • Researchers in UCD recognise the need to implement sustainable practices
  • Many sustainable research practices are already taking place across UCD – e.g. several research groups/labs are participating in the My Green Lab certification process
  • Important that UCD exhibits leadership with respect to the sustainability of our research
  • Critical that it is supported at an institutional level

Key objectives of the CHAS SRI Group

  • Secure institutional support and resources for initiative
  • Build synergies and develop relationships for achieving greater sustainability in research
  • Strengthen existing links and create new networks
  • Develop UCD resources for sustainability in research to assist researchers in achieving maximum effectiveness in implementing sustainable practices
  • Acquire formal UCD membership of Irish Green Labs

CHAS SRI Group members

  • Dr Mary Sekiya, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Éimear Ryan, Conway Institute
  • Gwyneth MacMaster, School of Biology and Environmental Science
  • Sinéad McGinley, UCD Research
  • Ash Middleton, UCD Estate Services
  • Dr Sinéad Holden, Clinical Research Centre
  • Dr Tristan Russell, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dr Eddie Jordan, Lyons Farm
  • Dr Aoife O’Gorman, School of Agriculture and Food Science
  • Charles Harper, School of Agriculture and Food Science
  • Assoc Prof Kieran Meade, School of Agriculture and Food Science
  • Dr Egle Gusciute, School of Sociology
  • Dr Ana Pereira Do Vale, School of Veterinary Medicine

What are the benefits of having a Sustainable Research Group?

  • Raise awareness of need for improved sustainability in research across UCD
  • UCD becomes an active player in global initiative & becomes more sustainable in its research activity
  • Reduce negative environmental impacts of research
  • Share local knowledge across UCD
  • Promote collective action
  • National leadership position in the sustainability of research, in alignment with UCD Strategy ‘Rising to the Future’

CHAS SRI events and initiatives

A Sustainable Research Mini Symposium was organised for Green Week and took place on the 7th of March. Keynote speaker was Jack O’Grady from My Green Lab ((opens in a new window)www.mygreenlab.org) who gave an excellent overview of the sustainability movement at both national and local levels in Ireland. Presentations from group members Eddie Jordan and Sinead Holden were also informational and inspiring.

A second Mini Symposium took place on June 22nd in the Research Impact room. This included presentations from Dr Mary Sekiya, School of Veterinary Medicine who is Chair of the Steering committee as well as Ash Middleton from UCD Estate Services and lead for UCD Green Campus.  

To learn more about sustainability in research, sign up to (opens in a new window)greenlabs@ucd.ie.

Wet labs forum meets monthly during term and all are invited. Let us know if there are specific topics that are of interest to you.

Further information can be found at:

(opens in a new window)www.Mygreenlab.org 

(opens in a new window)https://irishgreenlabs.org/

(opens in a new window)https://LEAF in Labs 

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