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Referendum Guides

Referendum Guides

The Centre has published guides (see below) to referendum voters in Ireland since 2011. Each guide is designed to provide voters with information about the background to and a description of the effect of each of the proposed amendments to the Constitution. The guides are prepared by UCD members with expertise in constitutional law and are intended to provide neutral, independent and unbiased information to voters about the proposed changes to the Constitution. The guides are limited to providing information about the background and direct constitutional effects of the proposed amendments. They do not address the social or political arguments that might be made for or against a particular amendment.

Guide to the 39th and 40th amendments

Guide to the 37th amendment

Guide to the 36th amendment  - for more information please click here

Guide to the 35th amendment

Guide to the 34th amendment 

Guide to the 33rd amendment

Guide to the 32nd amendment

Guide to the 31st Amendment 



Information on the guides

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