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The (opens in a new window)Foundations of Institutional Authority (FIAT) is an interdisciplinary research project based at the Centre for Constitutional Studies and funded by a European Research Council Consolidator grant. The project examines a question that is fundamental to a constitutional system: why do we obey our institutions? Constitutional law tends to assume that institutions have the authority that they claim over citizens and other institutions.

The reality is often much more complicated. An institution's authority may be influenced by multiple factors: its history, identity, popularity, or levels of public trust. The goal of the research is to investigate these factors by talking directly to the people whose views shape institutional authority: political leaders, government officials and - most importantly - ordinary people. By asking people their views on the institutions that govern them, the project team hopes to build a better understanding of how constitutional systems actually operate.

Meet the Team Below

Dr Silvia Gagliardi - Postdoctoral Fellow












Silvia's bio can be found here.

Somsubhra Banerjee - PhD Candidate













Somsubhra's bio can be found here.

Nicky Gillibrand - PhD Candidate












Nicky's bio can be found here.

Orlaith Rice - PhD Candidate













Orlaith's bio can be found here.

Daniela Rodriguez - Research Assistant


Daniela's bio can be found here.

Demian Iglesias Seifert – PhD Candidate


Demian's bio can be found here.


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