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Inquire, Innovate, Translate...
UCD Conway Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre exploring fundamental mechanisms of chronic disease for novel diagnostic & therapeutic solutions

Research Focus

Translating fundamental research in chronic diseases

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Key research areas:



Significant advances in our knowledge of the disease and new targets for its diagnosis and therapeutic manipulation... more

Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine

Complements and extends research programmes in cancer, inflammation and stem cell biology... more

Infection, Immunity & Repair

Infection, Immunity & Repair

Encompasses a diversity of human and animal disorders... more

Diabetes & Vascular Biology

Diabetes & Vascular Biology

Understanding & exploiting mechanisms of metabolic and vascular function, pathogenic mechanisms in diabetes and inflammatory disease... more



Understanding and exploiting mechanisms of structural change in the brain will lead to improved treatments.... more

Systems Biology

Systems Biology

Spans wet laboratory and theoretical research, including those with a broader high-throughput biology interest... more

Latest Research News

19 July 2018

» Yeast species used in food industry causes disease in humans

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Research Seminar Series

03-04 October 2018

» 2018 UCD Conway Festival of Research & Innovation

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Core Technology Services

Collaborative Research

» Find academic collaborators to successfully execute your research project

Contract Research

» Partnering with industry to find solutions to research questions

Incubation Facilities

» Dedicated infrastructure to conduct bioincubation activities

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