UCD Conway Institute is home to many of Ireland’s most outstanding performers in the biomedical sciences; from individually excellent scientists in the realms of ‘blue skies’ research to groups of scientists working together on integrated research activities that bundle capability to tackle big questions in biomedical science.

Today, there are 100 Conway Fellows whose research teams total 100 postdoctoral and 250 graduate researchers. In addition to technical and administrative support staff, this dynamic community of more than 450 people are striving to place Irish scientific research on the world stage. The Institute accounts for approximately 20% of UCD’s research income at circa €20m per year. Interdisciplinary research programmes draw on the expertise of our investigators in areas such as chemical systhesis, bioprocessing, medicine, veterinary medicine, bioinformatics, computing, drug discovery and biomolecular science. The close collaboration of scientists with clinicians and industry partners underpins the translational aspect of our work.

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