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At UCD Conway Institute, we believe that by sharing the exciting possibilities that research can bring to our daily lives, we can inspire the next generation to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We offer our researchers training and opportunities to engage with pupils. Some research groups have developed specific opportunities for pupils to experience life at the bench or developed bespoke continuing professional development training programmes for teachers in partnership with the Department of Education & Skills (Oide), the Irish Science Teachers Association and the Association for Teacher Education Centres in Ireland.   

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Systems Biology Ireland and UCD Conway Institute received funding under SFI Discover for CuriosiTY, a transition year placement programme to broaden participation in STEM.

The award of €169,000 will fund eight immersive transition year placement weeks over two years (2023-2024). CuriosiTY programme will focus on increasing awareness of STEM education and careers as well as developing key skills within a framework that provides equity of access and widens participation.

CuriosiTY will provide places for 192 pupils to experience research life at UCD over the next two years and will support public engagement training to 60 postgraduate researchers. Targeted measures will ensure pupils from DEIS designated schools linked with UCD and schools in areas of geographical disadvantage linked with the Amgen Biotech Experience Ireland programme can participate. 

Postgraduate researchers will be trained in public engagement to lead the delivery of the CuriosiTY programme through a small group, ‘buddy' system that facilitates informal mentorship. They will guide pupils in exploring the world of research through hands-on laboratory activities, research seminars and career talks.  

To enquire about places, email: CuriosiTY Programme 

The Amgen Biotech Experience Ireland programme empowers secondary school science teachers to implement real-world biotechnology labs in their classrooms, helping their students better understand science and how it influences their daily lives. The initiative provides teacher professional development, teaching materials and research-grade equipment to classrooms, to immerse students in the concepts and techniques scientists use to discover and develop medicines.

Led by Systems Biology Ireland in UCD since 2014, the programme has trained more than 185 teachers and reached 21,000 students in Ireland to date, bringing the Amgen Foundation’s investment in the Ireland to approximately $735,000.

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Launched in August 2018, the UCD Diabetes Complications Research Centre  (UCD DCRC) Summer School gave an opportunity to ten pupils from Tallaght Community School to visit DCRC researchers based in UCD Conway Institute for four days to experience life at the bench working in diabetes research. Pupils were mentored by PhD students and learnt about diabetes and obesity research from senior academics as well as hearing about campus life and how to apply to study in UCD.