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Irish Citizens Decide Seminar

A half-day seminar, 'Irish Citizens Decide: A Review of the Irish Convention on the Constitution' will review the work, operation and outcomes of Ireland's Convention on the Constitution, which met from late 2012 to early 2014. The seminar will take place at Newman House on Friday, 13th November 2015Read More

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IBIS Annual Conference 2015

The IBIS Annual Conference for 2015, 'Women in Leadership North and South', took place at the European Parliament Office, Molesworth Street, Dublin on Monday, 6th July.  Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald, TD, gave the keynote address. Read More

The Flags Protest and its Aftermath

An IBIS on the topic 'The Flags Protest and its Aftermath: Crisis Looming or Crisis Resolved?' took place on Tuesday, 14th April 2015. The speaker was Dr James Wilson. Read More

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Citizens and Constitutions

IBIS held a conference on the topic 'Citizens and Constitutions: Engaging Citizens in Debates over Constitutional Reform on these Islands', at the Royal Irish Academy on Friday, 27 March 2015 from 9.30am to 3.00pm. Read More

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'Hidden Voices' Seminar and Book Launch

IBIS, in collaboration with Trocaire, organised a seminar titled 'Hidden Voices: Women dealing with the Past in Central America and Northern Ireland', which took place on 5th December 2014 at the National University of Ireland office on Merrion Square, Dublin. The seminar was followed by the launch of IBIS Deputy Director, Dr Melanie Hoewer's book 'Crossing Boundaries during Peace and Conflict: Transforming Identity in Chiapas and Northern Ireland'. Read More

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Accounts of the Conflict Roadshow

IBIS and the International Conflict Research Institute (INCORE) at the University of Ulster, hosted an 'Accounts of the Conflict' Roadshow at the Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street on Tuesday, 28th October 2014 at 5.30pm. Read More

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Art of the Troubles: Culture, Conflict and Commemoration

IBIS and the Ulster Museum jointly hosted the above-titled conference on Friday, 6 June 2014 at the Ulster Museum, Belfast. The event coincided with and complemented the 'Art of the Troubles' exhibition on show at the museum and explored the role of art and artistic interventions in reshaping social relations in Northern Ireland. Read More

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IBIS Annual Conference 2014

The 2014 IBIS Annual Conference took place at the John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies, UCD on Monday, 16th June 2014.  The title was 'Constitutions and Culture Wars: Northern Ireland, the Irish State and the North-South Dimension'Read More

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Community Relations in Northern Ireland after the Flags Protests

IBIS hosted the above-titled seminar on Thursday, 27th February at the Royal Irish Academy Dublin.
The discussion was focused around the findings of a report commissioned by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, ‘The Long View of Community Relations in Northern Ireland: 1989-2012’, written by Duncan Morrow, Gillian Robinson and Lizanne Dowds. Read More

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Hidden Histories: Revisiting the Spirit of 1913

IBIS hosted a conference on Thursday, 3 October at the Little Museum of Dublin. The event, titled 'Hidden Histories: Revisiting the Spirit of 1913', examined the different perspectives of social mobilisation at the turn of the century, focusing, but not solely, on 1913 and including topics such as the suffrage movement and urban/rural unrest. Keynote speaker was Joan Burton, TD, Minister for Social Protection. Read More

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UNSCR International Seminar

IBIS organised an international seminar titled 'Impact and Innovation: UNSCR 1325 in Ireland and Globally' on Friday, 5th April 2013 at the Mansion House in Dublin. The aim of the conference was to look at new approaches to women, peace and security at international, regional and national levels. Read More

Women, Peace and Decision-Making in Post-Conflict Societies

The Liberia Solidarity Group, the National Women's Council of Ireland (NWCI) and IBIS are hosting a roundtable discussion on Wednesday, 15 May in the NWCI offices, Dublin. A particular theme of the discussion will be the release of Ireland's new White Paper, which mentions a specific commitment to 1325. For more details and to RSVP click here

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Sir George Quigley RIP

It is with great sadness that IBIS has learned of the death of Sir George Quigley at the age of 83. Sir George was Chairman of the IBIS Advisory Board from 2006-2012 and served in exemplary fashion throughout that time. He was extremely active in advising on strategy, negotiating funding and providing distinction in his attendance at, and introduction of, IBIS events. Read More

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Women and Peacebuilding

An international seminar, 'Women and Peacebuilding: A Challenge for Collective Action', was held at Queen's University Belfast on 6 March 2013. The event was jointly organissed by QUB and IBIS and brought together women activists from Colombia and Northern Ireland, post graduate students and the wider women's sector in a cross country dialogue about peacebuilding  and women's collective action. Read More

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Pathways to Peace Roundtable

A joint event organised by IBIS, the Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC), UCD School of Politics and International Relations and the Conflict Resolution Unit of the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade took place on Tuesday, 5th March 2013'Pathways to Peace: Lessons Learned from Northern Ireland for the Current Colombian Peace Process' ran from 5-7pm at the Irish Aid Centre, 31 O'Connell Street, Dublin. Read More

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Book Launch

Sir George Quigley launched two books at No Alibis Bookstore, Belfast on Thursday, 24th January: 'Everyday Life after the Irish Conflict: The Impact of Devolution and Cross Border Cooperation', edited by Elizabeth Meehan and Cillian McGrattan and 'Memories, Politics and Identity - Haunted by History', by Cillian McGrattan. Read More

Beyond Sectarianism Roundtable

Fifteen years after the Good Friday Agreement, are we looking at a gradual fading away of conflict? Is what John Hume called a 'healing process' underway, to be furthered as political stability and an end to violence is ensured and - more problematically - economic growth begun? These were some of the questions analysed at a policy roundtable on 15 February 2013 titled 'Beyond Sectarianism? Comparative Perspectives on Current Conflicts in Northern Ireland'Read More

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ACCEPT/IBIS Conference

A one-day conference entitled 'Tolerance and Diversity in Ireland - North and South' took place at UCD on Thursday, 14 February 2013. It was jointly organised by the ACCEPT Pluralism research project team and IBIS. Read More

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Visit by Director of Policy, UN Women

IBIS, with the University of Ulster Transitional Justice Institute, jointly hosted Director of Policy, UN Women, Ms Saraswathi Menon at UCD on Thursday, 25 October 2012. Ms Menon presented on the topic 'UNSC Resolution 1325 and the Work of UN Women'Read More

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Baroness Haleh Afshar Lecture

The School of Politics and International Relations, UCD in collaboration with IBIS and the Dept of Near and Middle Eastern Studies, TCD and in association with the UCD School of Philosophy, hosted Baroness Haleh Afshar at UCD on Thursday, 11th October 2012.  Baroness Afshar (Professor of Politics and Women's Studies, York University) presented on the subject 'Women reclaim Islam: Illustrations from post-revolutionary Iran'. Read More

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IBIS / Irish Association Conference

IBIS and the Irish Association for Cultural, Economic and Social Relations hosted a conference, The Ulster Covenant and Contemporary Ireland on Saturday 22nd September 2012 at the Linen Hall Library in Belfast. Speakers included Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey and Michael McDowell SC. Read More

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IBIS Evening Lecture

The IBIS Evening Lecture series continued with an event on Wednesday, 13 June 2012 at the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. The lecture was titled 'Should ambulances stop at the border? The challenge of cooperation in healthcare provision'. With Dr Maurice Hayes as chair, the panel included Tom Daly (CAWT), Dr Ronan Foley (NUIM/ICLRD), Bernie McCrory (CAWT), Dr Ambrose McLoughlin (Dept of Health) and Vanya Sargent (Crowe Horwath). The lecture was jointly organised by IBIS, the International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD) and the Centre for Cross Border Studies. Read More

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IBIS Evening Lecture

As part of the IBIS Evening Lecture Series, part-funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs' Reconciliation/Anti-Sectarianism fund, IBIS hosted a lecture entitled Where now for North-South economic links in a time of recession? at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast on Thursday 3 May 2012. Chaired by Sir George Quigley, the panel included: Gary McDonald (Irish News), Dr Gerard O'Hare (Parker Green International) and Professor Frances Ruane (ESRI). Read More

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IBIS Colloquium on Loyalism

As part of the IBIS Evening Lecture Series, part-funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs' Reconciliation/Anti-Sectarianism fund, IBIS held a Colloquium on Loyalism at the Ulster Museum, Belfast on Wednesday 5 October 2011. Chaired by Sir George Quigley, the panel included: Sammy Douglas, MLA; Frankie Gallagher; Naomi Long, MP; Dr Duncan Morrow and Dr Peter Shirlow. Read More

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IBIS Annual Conference 2011

An Taoiseach, Mr Enda Kenny, TD gave the keynote address at the IBIS annual conference on Thursday, 26 May 2011, entitled North-South Institutions and Cross-Border Relations: Commemorating Opportunities and Achievements. The Taoiseach comments came after what he called an extraordinary week in the history of Ireland's bilateral relationship with Britain. Read More

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Stathis Kalyvas Visit

IBIS joined with the UCD Centre for War Studies to host Professor Stathis Kalyvas of Yale University. Professor Kalyvas, author of The Logic of Violence in Civil War and Director of the Program on Order, Conflict and Violence, visited UCD the week of 4 April 2011. During his stay, he gave a public evening lecture at UCD on Wednesday, 6 April and a daytime lecture to students and staff on Thursday, 7 April. Read More

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Conflict Resolution and Transitional Justice

Professor Colm Campbell of the Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster and Dr David Bloomfield, Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation presented on the topic 'Conflict Resolution and Transitional Justice' at Buswells Hotel on Thursday, 31 March 2011. Read More

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Culture after Conflict

IBIS, in association with the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the Ulster Museum (and in co-operation with the British Council), hosted an event on 23 March 2011 at the Ulster Museum, Belfast.   The aim of this all-day conference, entitled 'Culture after Conflict: Between Remembrance and Reconciliation', was to create a forum to facilitate discussion and debate on the role of culture in remembering the Northern Irish conflict and fostering reconciliation and peace. Read More

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IBIS / Stratagem Seminar

IBIS and Stratagem co-hosted an event at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast on Thursday, 2nd December 2010. Entitled 'Patterns of Conflict Resolution: How to Draw Lessons from Northern Ireland', it built on an IBIS research project of the same name. Guest speakers included: Jim Fitzpatrick (BBC); Bronagh Hinds (DemocraShe); Quintin Oliver (Stratagem); Dawn Purvis, MLA and Jennifer Todd (University College Dublin). Read More

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IBIS Annual Conference 2010

The IBIS Annual Conference entitled 'A Decade of Centenaries: Commemorating Shared History', took place on Thursday, 20th May 2010 at the John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies, University College Dublin.  Special guest speaker, An Taoiseach Brian Cowen, TD, stressed the need for all to recognise our shared history in the coming decade. Read More

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Breaking Patterns Conference

On Friday, 12 March 2010, IBIS held a conference entitled 'Breaking the Patterns of Conflict: The Irish State, the British Dimension and the Northern Ireland Conflict' at UCD. The conference was based on findings from a research project funded by the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences.
Read More

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North-South Business Relations Roundtable

On Wednesday, 10 February 2010, IBIS, in association with the British Embassy Dublin, hosted a roundtable discussion on 'North-South business relations: what does and doesn't work' at the Royal Irish Academy. 
Read More

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Cross-Border Relations Evening Lecture

IBIS, in association with InterTradeIreland and Universities Ireland, hosted an evening lecture at the Royal Irish Academy on 10th December, 2009. Entitled 'Cross-Border Relations: Steps Towards Change', the conference featured Dick Spring, Deaglan de Breadun, Julian King and Quintin Oliver. Read More

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Book Launch

On 29 September 2009, An Taoiseach, Mr Brian Cowen, TD, launched Judging Lemass by Professor Tom Garvin at the Royal Irish Academy. Read More

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IBIS Annual Conference

The IBIS Annual Conference - 'Protestant Traditions and the Paths to Peace: Beyond the Legacies of Plantation' - took place at the Global Irish Institute, UCD on Tuesday, 9th June, 2009. The conference examined the concept of the plural Protestant traditions in Ireland. Approximately 400 years after the plantation of Ulster, it asked how far that plantation set the parameters for a prolonged pattern of conflict. Read More

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Joint IBIS-Irish Association lecture

IBIS hosted a joint event with the Irish Association on 2nd April, 2009 on 'North-South relations after the boom: the impact of the credit crunch on mutual relations and understandings'. Jeffrey Donaldson MP, MLA provided the keynote address for the lecture. Read More

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Garvin Conference

A joint IBIS-School of Politics and International Relations conference entitled 'Politics, Economy and Society: Irish Developmentalism 1958-2008', to honour Professor Tom Garvin, was held on 12th March, 2009 at UCD. Read More

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Equality Seminar

An evening seminar '1989-2009: Equality measures and the reduction of conflict? Lessons from Northern Ireland, lessons for Northern Ireland' took place on 26th February, 2009 at Newman House, Dublin. Read More

Devolution Conference

A conference entitled 'The Impact of Devolution on Everyday Life: 1999-2009', was held at Newman House, Dublin on 6th February 2009.  The conference explored the extent to which ten years of devolution has changed everyday experience, daily relations between Protestant and Catholic, unionist and nationalist, and the aspirations of ordinary people. Read More

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David Laitin Visit 

IBIS was delighted to host world-renowned political scientist Professor David D Laitin of Stanford University. During Professor Laitin's week-long visit to UCD, made possible by an IRCHSS visiting fellowship, he gave a public lecture at the Global Irish Institute on Tuesday, 3rd February, 2009. Entitled 'Sons of the Soil, Immigrants and Civil War', it examined what differentiates countries that have suffered from civil wars from those that have not. Read More

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IBIS Book Launch

On 9 December, 2008 IBIS hosted a reception for the launch of 'Republicanism in Ireland: confronting theories and traditions', edited by Dr Iseult Honohan, UCD. For book details click here

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IBIS Witness Seminar

IBIS held a 'Witness Seminar' at Newman House, Dublin on 9 December, 2008. This was the fourth such seminar organised as part of a research project entitled 'Breaking the Patterns of Conflict: The Irish state, the British Dimension and the Northern Ireland Conflict'. Read More

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RECAP Seminar

IBIS held a seminar on 5 December 2008 relating to the research project 'Resolving Ethnic Conflict: Approaches to Peace' (RECAP). Read More

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IBIS Annual Conference 2008

IBIS held a conference on 3 April 2008, entitled 'From Conflict to Consensus: The legacy of the Good Friday Agreement', in the Global Irish Institute, UCD. The conference was addressed by An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern TD and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Rt Hon. Shaun Woodward MP. Read More

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IBIS Book Launch

On 23 February 2008, An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, TD launched a new book edited by John Coakley and Liam O'Dowd, entitled: Crossing the Border: New relationships between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, published by Irish Academic Press. Read More

Constitutional Futures after Brexit Seminar: 25 June 2019

This seminar is an initial meeting to map, and to begin to address, the analytic questions with which scholars are faced in a period when Brexit has destabilised Northern Ireland, put aspects of the Good Friday Agreement into question, and reinvigorated discussion of the timing and form of a united Ireland. It forms part of the IBIS Constitutional Futures after Brexit project that addresses possible constitutional and political change in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the EU and their inter-connections. (The objectives of this wider project are set out in the attached document explaining in greater detail what the project is about.)

This day-long seminar in UCD focusses on how to address the challenges to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement posed by Brexit. It re-examines some of the basic premises, provisions and principles of that agreement, in order to explore how they may be revised or renewed.

The current situation disrupts the peace agreement and the institutions which had been intended to frame peace and stability for decades:

(i) the British role in guaranteeing the Agreement has been questioned, including within Westminster
(ii) the Irish government wish for ‘no change’ is unlikely to be fulfilled 
(iii) Protestants and unionists are more internally divided than before
(iv) Nationalists are re-focussing on issues of Irish unity
(v) British-Irish relations have deteriorated and government priorities have diverged. East-West relations will undoubtedly be renewed, but a renewal of joint management of peace building in Northern Ireland is likely to be difficult. 
(vi) the meaning and implications of the GFA are highly contested, and restoration of a functioning power-sharing government is uncertain despite the current talks

Recent events have brought a sort of constitutional moment on the island where – in the years after the shock of Brexit and before the politics of a border poll – it is necessary and possible to reprioritise and reframe the principles, institutions and norms which will guide politics not just in a devolved Northern Ireland but also other possible futures including a possible future united Ireland and in a range of possible UK and Irish futures in-between. In the longer term this requires much wider dialogue: this is an initial academic seminar on how that dialogue might usefully be framed. 

This invitation to attend will be followed by a more detailed programme nearer the event. Please hold the date and let us know if you can come by emailing  (opens in a new window)caitriona.devery@ucd.ie and (opens in a new window)pegillespie@gmail.com

The IBIS Constitutional Futures Research Programme is directed by Dr Paul Gillespie, Deputy Director of IBIS. The seminar  is being planned by a cluster of interested academics at UCD and around  IBIS, including Dr Paul Gillespie  (Deputy Director IBIS), Prof Ben Tonra (Director IBIS) and Prof Jennifer Todd MRIA.