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UCD AI Healthcare Hub joins Ireland’s Connected Health and Wellbeing Cluster

Tuesday, 28 November, 2023

The AI Healthcare Hub in University College Dublin has become a member of Ireland’s (opens in a new window)Connected Health and Wellbeing Cluster, funded by Enterprise Ireland. Set up to support collaboration across the technology and health sectors, the Cluster encourages and facilitates increased interaction and cooperation between industry, academia, healthcare providers and enterprise support agencies.

“The AI Healthcare Hub aims to be a place where collaboration and innovation thrive, just like the CWH Cluster. Joining the Cluster is a fantastic opportunity for our university network to make connections and innovate beyond the academic scene," says Hub manager Ana Le Chevillier.

Education and Outreach Cluster Manager Breanndán Casey stresses that the Cluster is not a networking or sectoral association, rather its aims are to increase collaboration amongst companies, improve productivity, and increase innovation and internationalisation amongst cluster members. 

“The Cluster has forty-five members ranging from Amazon Web Services and IBM to healthtech startups, healthcare providers, and Research centres. The best healthcare systems rely on collaboration across relevant stakeholders to research, create, test, and implement new solutions. The Cluster provides an opportunity for members to build that trust amongst members, and embed collaborative mindsets, which ultimately leads to better products and processes, and better patient welfare. Relevant organisations can apply directly for membership at www.chwcluster.ie.”

Ireland has an enviable track record of attracting and nurturing companies in the medtech, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and technology sector including AI, cybersecurity, data analytics, and software/apps development.

Enterprise Ireland recognised the need to create a collaborative Cluster that could support the integration and expansion of these myriad sectors, and, alongside industry partners, is nurturing the development of the Connected Health & Wellbeing Cluster.  

(opens in a new window)www.chwcluster.ie