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Data Collection/Processing

Collecting/Processing Personal Data

There are a few questions which you need to consider before collecting or processing personal data. The UCD Short Guide on the collection of data, linked below, will provide you with what you need to consider before you do so. 

Some of the purposes of UCD processing or collecting data include: the organisation and administration of courses; examinations; research activities; the recruitment and payment of staff; compliance with statutory obligations, etc.

Processing: means performing any operation or set of operations on data, including:

  • Obtaining, recording or keeping data,
  • Collecting, organising, storing, altering or adapting the data,
  • Retrieving, consulting or using the data,
  • Disclosing the information or data by transmitting, disseminating or otherwise making it available,
  • Aligning, combining, blocking, erasing or destroying the data.

For the processing of Images and Video see:

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