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UCD Data Privacy & Security Training

Mandatory online training

The mandatory training is aimed at providing everyone with basic GDPR know-how. Every member of the UCD Community, who processes personal data in the context of their UCD role, needs by law to undertake training. This will include full time, part time, and temporary employees, PostDocs, PhD students and students working on a UCD project or hourly paid tutors and demonstrators.

UCD provides online training for faculty and staff on personal data processing and how to use these data securely in a digital environment. A step by step guide on how to access this training is available (opens in a new window)here. Pre-existing access to (opens in a new window)Brightspace is necessary to access UCD’s online training.

Completion of the Training

Brightspace logs successfully completed training and provides learners with digital badges. Videos and quizzes cover the topics as listed further down this page. A new GDPR ‘Award’ will be issued after successful completion of the 20-question Fundamental quiz to document the training refresher.

If a person has successfully completed the ‘UCD Fundamental’ quiz, which relates to GDPR videos 1 to 6, and the IT security training (in the same module) more than two years ago, it needs to be refreshed. 

Mandatory ‘Data Privacy & Security’ training on Brightspace to be renewed every 2 years.

Recommended online training

Some roles like researchers, or more senior administrative roles will need additional data protection knowledge. This is provided in the videos and quizzes under the recommended section (videos 7 to 14) of the ‘Data Privacy and Security’ training.

In person training, and workshops

In addition to UCD’s Brightspace resource, data protection training and workshops are offered throughout the year, or can be requested on demand. Please contact (opens in a new window)gdpr@ucd.ie for details.

IT Services also runs live Zoom sessions, advertised in UCD’s staff eZine at regular intervals.

Data Privacy Topics:
  • Introduction to GDPR
  • Consent & Explicit Consent
  • Key Concepts of GDPR
  • International Data Transfers & Data in the Cloud
  • Six Lawful Bases for Processing & Data Subject Rights
  • ROPAs & Privacy Notices
  • Data Protection Principles
  • DPIAs & Risk Mitigation
  • Data Sharing & Collaborating
  • Privacy by Design & Default
  • Data Sharing & Collaborating Examples
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Keeping Personal Data Safe
  • Roles & Responsibilities
Data Security Topics:
  • Information Security Awareness for Staff and Researchers
  • IT Security Top Tips

Further Information