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Annual Activity Report 2022 - 2023

Welcome to the Geary Institute's annual report for 2022–23, highlighting our key achievements:

During this year our team was selected to coordinate ENASSP (Expert Network for Analytical Support in Social Policies)', providing vital information to the European Commission on social protection and inclusion policies. In May 2023, we released European Social Survey Round 10 data, offering insights from Ireland and other countries for cross-national research. EQUALSTRENGTH, led by Dr. Mathew Creighton, secured €2.3 million in funding to investigate discrimination and hate crimes against marginalized groups in Europe. This project commenced in April 2023. We're privileged to host Dr. Altaf Hossain's MSCA fellowship, focused on housing precarity research under Prof. Michelle Norris's guidance.

With 122 members, over 30 researchers, and 50 doctoral students, we have continued to actively engage through seminars, masterclasses, and a working paper series. Our re-established Executive Committee guides our research priorities and outreach efforts.

Join us in our journey of knowledge creation, policy influence, and societal impact. The Geary Institute remains committed to excellence and relevance in academia and public policy.

We invite you to read the full Annual Activity Report 2022 - 2023.

Professor Michelle Norris


Annual Activity Report 2022 - 2023

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