UCD Geary Institute

The UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy is a centre of excellence for policy-relevant, theoretically-informed, empirically-grounded research. The Institute supports research in empirical social and behavioural sciences within organised themes and research centres, and brings together researchers to stimulate discussion on theories, methodologies and empirical results.

  • Plotting the Future
  • European Social Survey
  • Behavioural Science
  • Mapping the State
  • Test
  • Globalisation and Markets
  • Leadership, Regulation and Goverance
  • Human Development Child and Youth Well-being
  • Innovative Public Policy
Behavioural Science1 Mapping the State2 Growth and Innovation3 Globalisation and Markets4 Leadership, Regulation and Goverance5 Human Development Child and Youth Well-being6 Innovative Public Policy7
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